Thursday, 6 December 2012

Self Portraits

Some self portraits done recently - students could work in any medium and had to decide what they would reveal, how representational it would be of their physical features or they could take a symbolic approach etc.  It was wide open and I never know what to expect.  Students stood beside their work and sketchbook while senior students, teachers and administration walked around and asked them questions about their process, inspiration, sketchbook research, artist influence, what they saw as their technical weakness/strengths and so on.  Students had lots of opportunity to practice talking about their work and process to a variety of people and overall there was a great energy and buzz in the room with everyone talking and looking at the artwork.

Work in Progress

Students are working on a colour theory painting, inspired by one of my favorite art teacher blogs - Artisun.  They have to include a colour wheel, both a monochromatic and achromatic scale, and analogous and complementary relationships.  Prior to starting their painting we discussed some compositional strategies to add depth, visual interest and/or movement to their drawings.  We spent a long long time in the sketchbook doing color charts - primary, secondary, tertiary colours as well as tints,shades - and planning their drawing and how they were going to execute all 5 colour schemes.  I'm pleased with the direction their paintings and look forward to seeing their final work.