Thursday, 31 January 2013

More Notan Designs

I had 100's to choose from as I had four classes making these.  My classes are mixed ages and levels so this is definitely accessible for everyone, including special needs.

Colour Theory Painting

Grace submitted her painting a little late but I think it's fun (and she had fun making it) so that makes it worth while including.

Collage & Poetry

One IB 12 student is exploring collage/painting and poetry (T.S. Elliot and Shakespearean sonnets).   She has made a series of small 8 x 10 images that I think are quite intriguing.

Self Portraits

A couple of recently finished self portraits by some IB 12 students - one collage/drawing and one coloured pen drawing.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Japanese Notan Designs

This is a great project for all ages and abilities. The students started with a 5" or 6" square of black construction paper, drew shapes (white pencil crayon), cut out all the pieces, glued down the remainder of the original square, and then flipped over the cut out pieces ending up with a mirror image.  There's a great you tube video that demonstrates the process well:  These are just a few of the pieces finished early.  I'm having students do one in black and white and their second one using multiple colors.

Colour Theory Paintings

Students had to include in their composition areas with specific colour schemes:  (i) colour wheel, (ii) black and white scale, (iii) monochromatic scale, (iv) analogous and (v) complementary relationships.  This project took a long time - lots and lots of sketchbook work - mixing colours etc. - prior to painting but finally we are finished.