Thursday, 23 February 2012

Grade 12 IB Art

I have a grade 12 IB art student whose creative process fascinates me.  Lately has been taking very large pieces of paper and crumpling them up and then throwing them on the floor.  Then the inks and paints come out and before you know it they're being poured on the floor, her bare feet and hands are now multi coloured, everyone in the room has moved away from her, there's glue, glitter, fabric, magazines, found objects etc. everywhere - you get the picture - it's creative chaos.  10 minutes before the class is over she starts to clean up, washes the floor, puts away all of the materials and it's as if she was never there.  After about 3 days she ends with what you see below.  Difficult to capture in a photograph but hopefully you can get a sense of her end result.