Saturday, 9 June 2012

Quick & Easy Year End Activity #4

This is a collaborative drawing exercise where you give specific instructions and then afterwards students are instructed to rotate sketchbooks to the right and then draw the next set of instructions and pass books to the right ... you get the idea.  Three to five minutes for each round is usually sufficient.  I think for this one the first round they had to draw a body part - eyes, nose, leg, ear, intestines ...  Next rotation was to draw another body part not joined to the first body part.  Next rotation to draw another body part but this one had to be joined to one of the previous drawings. Next drawing was a man made object - ladder, egg beater, headphones, engine, antennae etc. joined to one of the body parts. Next was to attach an animal part and the last rotation was to create an environment - interior, exterior, outer space, underwater etc.  By the time the sketchbook returns back to the rightful owner there is always a bit of a chuckle.