Thursday, 8 November 2012

Stories - IB 11

Students are required in IB Art to research artists that are relevant to their own work along with other documentation of their process such as technical practice, preliminary drawings, reflections etc.  For this project the theme was story and the artists that we looked at thanks to Art 21 (amazing site!) were Kiki Smith, Trenton-Doyle Hancock, Kara Walker and Do-Ho Suh.  I have them research two of the four artists after watching the videos by Art 21 and then produce a work of art in a medium of their choice that implies a story. Their final piece should suggest a narrative but leave room for the viewer to enter and create their own interpretation as to what the work is really about.  The story is just the starting point and students are encouraged to not illustrate a scene from a story but make art that has visual impact that is rich with narrative possibilities.  Their story can be autobiographical, fictional, satirical, mythological, fantastical, fact and/or fiction etc.  Here I'm showing two students work along with a couple of their sketchbook pages that are connected to their final pieces.